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friendly land can help farmers reduce costs,
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Ladybugs and other predatory insects eat crop pests, saving farmers an estimated $4.6 billion a year on insecticides. Non crop plants provide these predatory insects with food and shelter, helping them to survive and thrive in areas where they are needed. In an attempt to increase benefits from predatory insects,
print cards against humanity, researchers have often planted strips of flowers along the edges of crop fields. “Ladybugs and many other pest eating insects travel long distances throughout the growing season, sometimes flying or crawling over many miles as they search for food and shelter. So we also have to consider what resources are available to these predators at larger scales.”

Ladybugs are heralded as a natural, effective killer of soybean aphids, the most destructive soybean pest in the northern United States. To determine the best way to attract ladybugs to soybean fields,
cards against hummanity?, researchers planted buckwheat strips next to soybean fields and also examined the amount of natural habitat within 1.5 miles of the fields.

“Ladybugs loved our buckwheat strips,” Woltz said. “We always found way more ladybugs in the buckwheat than are usually in field edges. Unfortunately,
cards against humanity white cards?, all of the ladybugs in the buckwheat did little to change their populations in the soybean fields.”

Ultimately, natural habitat proved to be more important. The amount of grasslands and forests within 1.5 miles of the soybean fields determined how many ladybugs ended up in the field, she added.

Such large areas typically encompass multiple farms, suggesting that rural neighbors may need to work together. In other studies, landscapes with at least 20 percent of non crop habitat showed good pest control. Providing some habitat on every farm and the properties that surround them would add up to a lot of habitat at the landscape scale the scale that matters to ladybugs. nuclear waste dump blamed on staff vacancy.

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Golden Dawn hands out food

Far right Greek party Golden Dawn has taken to the streets of Athens,
cards against humanity white cards?, handing out food to Greeks coping with a worsening crisis. The event had a distinct nationalist odor, as people had to prove their citizenship in order to receive goods.

Hundreds lined up outside Parliament, where the extreme right activists were giving away potatoes, pasta, milk and olive oil.

In mid July,
against humanity card game, the Greek Human Rights Watch rang an alarm, saying migrants were being attacked all over the country. Although there was no direct evidence of Golden Dawn’s connection to those attacks, Human Rights Watch said some facts suggest that the extremist party was involved in the violence.

Anti immigrant sentiment in Greece is largely fueled by the economic crisis battering the country. Greece has always been a gateway for immigrants coming from Asia and Africa to Europe in large numbers,
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Golden Dawn successfully campaigned on spreading anti immigrant sentiment. Public support for the party has dramatically increased,
crimes against humanity game, twenty fold, since elections in 2009. This May, Golden Dawn gained 7 per cent of the vote at the parliamentary elections, managing to pass the threshold for the first time.

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see how people react to your video

You dash off a video message to a friend, post it to a social network, or maybe send it off with a tweet. And then you wait for the reaction,
cards against humanities, which may come in a Facebook “like”, a reply comment, possibly a retweet or “mention.” Such feedback has its place, of course, but is no substitute for the kind of instant face to face reaction you’d get if the person were in the room with you. Was the recipient startled or put off? Did they blush, smile, or laugh out loud?

What if you could actually see and hear how a friend or family member reacted to your video as they watched it, and be able to view that reaction on your own phone right away? That’s what a very cool and potentially addictive free new iPhone app called Samba lets you do. I got a to try it out ahead of the launch.

Samba is simple, elegant and fast, with a user interface built around swiping gestures. You record a video of up to 15 seconds in length, and flick the screen upward to send it to a designated contact the app ties into your iPhone contacts.

For now you can only send the video to one person at a time, though Samba founder and CEO Barak Hachamov tells me that a one to many video messaging feature is in the future.

As your pal views your video message, his reaction is recorded and automatically dispatched back to you the sender. You’ll receive a notification on your phone that lets you know your message has been seen. The reaction video appears on your own iPhone in a small circular bubble that you can drag around the screen. It plays fully synchronized with the original video that you recorded, complete with sound. You can send a video message to someone without an iPhone or the Samba app too,
places that sell cards against humanity, but the person’s reaction won’t be recorded. Samba is developing an Android version,
against humanity game, probably a few months away.

Messages and reactions can be deleted from both iPhones but they’ll remain on the devices if you or the recipient chooses to leave them there. Only the first reaction to the original video is captured, so there’s no re recording if a friend subsequently watches the original video over and over.

When recording your own video, you can go back and forth between the iPhone’s front or rear cameras. For now though you can’t attach other videos or pictures that you might want to share. That too is in the future, Hachamov says.

In many cases, your first video will quickly evolve into a conversation but only one with short casual exchanges that obviously make this a very different experience from say a video phone call over FaceTime or Skype. You can easily swipe to browse through the videos with a given contact in a messaging thread.

I can certainly envision Samba catching on with the younger generation hooked on the likes of Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. Hachamov is indeed initially targeting college students,
cards against humanity online free, while all the same imagining a wider market: doting grandparents, folks who travel overseas, and the topic can’t be ignored those who engage in sexting. You might also use Samba for funny pranks, or to share emotional and intimate moments with that special someone. Heck, you can even show someone where you left the keys. But remember there is no way to turn off the camera when viewing another person’s message, so make sure you are decent before doing so.

Samba isn’t a completely novel idea. An app called Dumbstruck lets you send photo messages with captions and drawings to another person and have their reaction recorded and sent back your way. Those reactions disappear after 24 hours.

I did encounter a couple of minor pre launch bugs in one instance I couldn’t open a video Hachamov sent me but overall I was impressed with the speed and the exchange of video.

You can invite friends to join Samba from within the app. The interest in communications apps of all types in obvious witness Facebook’s $16 billion deal for WhatsApp and Hachamov has lofty ambitions for Samba. “Its not an app. It’s a new paradigm shift in the way people interact and communicate,” he says. “If a smiley is replaced by a video of a smile, it’s like emoticons on steroids.”

Samba was picked as a one of eight finalists in the social technologies category for the SXSW Accelerator Competition, next month in Austin. It is worth (quite literally) a look.

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How to Lose Weight for Muay Thai

Muay thai is the national sport of Thailand and is a type of kickboxing. Like most combat sports,
cards against humanity all expansions, including boxing and wrestling, competitors in Muay Thai fight in weight categories. Many fighters gain weight between bouts and have to lose weight before a contest so they can fight in their preferred weight division. This is best done by following a logical and progressive process spread over several weeks as losing weight too fast can lead to weakness and fatigue.

Increase Your Cardio

Increase the duration and the frequency of your cardio workouts. If you aren’t doing much cardio, start with 20 minutes a day, four days a week and increase gradually from there. You can run, row,
cards against humanity retailers, cycle or swim according to your preferences, but jumping rope is one of the most popular forms of cardio for Muay Thai training and sparring gives you the opportunity to hone your Muay Thai skills.

Decrease Your Caloric Intake

By decreasing your caloric intake as you increase your activity levels, you force your body to burn more fat and,
cards humanity, subsequently, your weight will go down. Start with a small reduction to avoid low energy levels for Muay Thai training. Reduce your food intake a little more week by week to maintain steady weight loss. Adjust your food intake up or down as your progress dictates. Reducing your fat and sugar intake is an easy way to cut calories without excessively reducing the quantity of food you eat.

Manage Your Fluid Levels

cards against humainty, you should reach your weigh in very close to the weight you want to fight at preferably slightly below to allow for a margin of error. However, if you are still over weight, you can lose those extra pounds by temporarily ridding your body of excess water. This is done by reducing your fluid intake in the days leading up to your fight, performing light exercise while wearing a plastic sauna suit and sitting in a sauna. Aim to lose no more than 2 pounds per day for two to three days maximum. Once you have weighed in, it is essential that you rehydrate and replace the lost water. This sort of strategic dehydration is not recommended without expert supervision from an experienced coach or doctor.

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How to Freeze Bananas,
cards against humaity?

Peel and cut still green bananas in half and insert a craft or lollipop stick in the cut end. Add a squirt of lemon juice,
Cards Against Humanity, about a teaspoon. Gently rock the bag from side to side and turn it over, ensuring that the lemon juice covers the whole banana. Dump out excess juice and seal bag. Place bananas in freezer. Melt chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl until smooth and liquid. Dip frozen bananas in chocolate and turn upside down to drip. Lay on a cookie sheet and place back into freezer to harden chocolate. Wrap in plastic wrap and tie a ribbon around the craft stick.

Cut bananas into sections, or split them lengthwise for variety. Take a few split frozen bananas, add a mound of whipped topping, a generous squirt of chocolate sauce,
cards againts humanity?, some chopped nuts, and a maraschino cherry and you have an instant banana split. Blanch other fruits such as peaches,
cards against humanities, berries, cherries, pears and grapes before freezing. It is not necessary to blanch bananas if their skin is intact before peeling. Blanch fruit by dropping it into a pan of boiling water for one minute before freezing, to remove microbes.

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